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Guest Reviews

  • Bay Front Vacation 2

    Great place to stay for Spring Break! Very nice and quiet and beautiful patio facing the Bay. Conveniently located near the boardwalk and shops and food, so you can walk on foot most places. Beautiful interior and comfortably sleeps the number advertised. Would highly recommend and will definitely be coming back.

    March 21st, 2016 - posted by Dana Lohmann

  • Ocean Point 308 AMAZING OCEAN VIEWS!!

    We Found Paradise here & plan to come back every year.
    Truely Paradise. This is the Ultimate Vacation Rental! What a special Treat to be able to look out at the Beautiful Pacific Ocean. As we watched the waves roll in and dolphins jumped playfully right out in front of the condo. It was exciting to observe the locals up & down the coastline and surfers and sailboats etc. What an exceptional location. We walked every where which was very refreshingly convenient for a vacation. We enjoyed the beach cruisers that came free with the rental as well as the beach chairs & boogie boards. Many afternoons we basked in the sun and walked barefoot in the soft sand and relished the beach which was literally steps from the condo. A couple of days we ventured out to see the local sights and what a beautiful city. But each day we looked forward to getting back to our comfy home to share a glass of wine & watch the sunset over the horizon. The condo was so luxurious from quality linens to every item we needed the owners had thought of. It was a joy to have two bedrooms & two bathroom from both we could lay in bed & look out at the Ocean. The soothing sounds of the waves rocked us to sleep peacefully each night. This vacation condo exceeded our expectations it was everything on the website & more. Quality furniture& sophisticated colors& which all added to our delightful vacation week. We are already planning our next trip back to stay in this vacation rental and are inviting another fun couple to join us. They are water people who will love the pool hot tub & ocean sports galore. We love the sunshine& the perfect weather of San Diego & being in a beautiful condo that was our topnotch home even if only for the week. Our only regret is that we could not stay longer... the time flew by too fast. Next time we are going to book a month long vacation so we can really soak up the California lifestyle. We highly recommend it with 5 stars as well as the joyful agency that handled our reservation accurately.

    March 6th, 2011 - posted by FlipKey Reviewer

  • Bayside Getaway in S. Mission Steps to Mission Bay

    This is a basic place. It was tight for 6 people, but do able. Kitchen worked well. We were thankful for a couple chairs to take to the beach. There is no air conditioning, but they provided a couple fans and some extension cords for good placement. We especially appreciated that it was only a 3 night minimum stay so we could use it for a short weekend.

    August 20th, 2017 - posted by Melissa W.

  • Ocean Point 112 POOLSIDE!!

    We lucked out with this place big time. We were so happy at this place for its reasonable price and absolutely fantastic location right along the beach. We ended up staying at the beach for the entire vacation and didnt feel compelled to go anywhere else. The condo was equipped with every beach essential you can possibly think of from umbrellas to coolers to beach toys to chairs and boogie boards along with bicycle helmets. The renovated kitchen allowed us to prepare great meals. The condo itself was extremely spacious and comfortable for our family of four. We were also given access to a parking garage and two adult size bicycles. I plan on coming back now that we have this wonderful PB getaway.

    August 19th, 2015 - posted by Dorit S.

  • Ocean Point 112 POOLSIDE!!

    We felt fortunate to have rented this particular unit, as it is right by the pool. Every time we looked out it reminded us to relax, we are on vacation. The turquoise water was brilliant from the living room. Other condos looked out to the stairs or fence only but 112 has a perfect pool view.

    There was plenty of space for our family of 4, and when we had our San Diego guests stop by for a visit, there was enough seating for all of us to watch the game on TV. Free Wi-Fi was a treat for the teens. Thank you for opening up your home to vacationers we will be back again. We plan to never stay in a small hotel room, when you can have a whole condo for the price of a hotel room!

    Swim, BBQ, Lounge at the large sundeck area

    September 10th, 2015 - posted by Jackie